Cracked Ice



Cracked Ice

The Cracked Ice material is an asymmetrical pattern that is economical and provides excellent obscuration of the light source, even in the most difficult applications. This material is great for luminous ceiling applications as well as for placement in your fixtures.


Sawblade half
Standard Sheet sizes are listed below.
We custom cut to your requested size and offer immediate cutting on small quantities. On large quantities we offer 1-3 day turn around time, depending on current stock & schedules.

Thickness Available:

  • .80 Acrylic


Blank Stock Size:

  • 23.75 x 47.75


All of our acrylic lens’ will maintain clarity for years as long as proper cleaning and maintenance methods are utilized. Never clean acrylic with standard glass cleaners, as the main ingredients are alcohol and/or ammonia. Both will severely impact acrylic and cause cracking and cloudy properties. At damp cloth or mild soapy water will be sufficient.

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