AP-12 Prismatic


Prismatic Pattern 12

Prismatic Pattern 12 is undoubtedly the most widely recognized lighting medium available. This extruded lens features .187″ (4.7mm) female conical prisms that offer excellent efficiencies while maintaining 87% of the light output in the 0-60 degree zone. Prismatic Pattern 12 is available in numerous thicknesses, materials and panel sizes.

The acrylic pattern -12 offers maximum efficiency with excellent direct glare control, which has been considered the standard in the industry for many years. Pattern 12 is well known as THE “Standard Lens”. Used in almost everything in the lighting industry from the lay-in troffer fixtures to ceiling grid applications as well as used in the manufacturing of wrap lenses.

Standard size blanks will not fit into your fixture. There is NO standard size lens that fits any fixture. Each fixture manufacturer has a custom size lens that fits only their fixture. To get one that fits you must measure the size needed to fit your specific fixture, then we will use one of our blanks and custom cut a lens specifically for you. If you have multiple fixtures that need a lens replacement, make sure to check them all to ensure you get the correct size.

Sawblade half
Standard Sheet sizes are listed below.
We custom cut to your requested size and offer immediate cutting on small quantities. On large quantities we offer 1-3 day turn around time, depending on current stock & schedules.

Thickness Available:

  • .100 Clear Acrylic
  • .125 Clear Acrylic

Blank Stock Size:

  • 23.75 x 47.75
  • Oversize panels are available on a custom order basis

Security Grade:

  • .125 Clear Polycarbonate / stock size 48 x 96

Polycarbonate prismatic is utilized for secure applications or rough use applications where standard lens’ that can break are not advisable. In addition they also will withstand a significantly higher heat temperature than regular acrylic lens’.

  • School gyms
  • psychiatric wards
  • prisons


All of our acrylic lens’ will maintain clarity for years as long as proper cleaning and maintenance methods are utilized. Never clean acrylic with standard glass cleaners, as the main ingredients are alcohol and/or ammonia. Both will severely impact acrylic and cause cracking and cloudy properties. At damp cloth or mild soapy water will be sufficient.

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