Reeds most commonly used for basketweaving are available in three shapes: Flat, Flat Oval, and Round.

  • Flat reed has a smoother outer side, and a rough inner side. The two sides appear similar until closer inspection. This reed is the most widely used for making your baskets.
  • Flat Oval is flat on one side and partially rounded on the other. In smaller sizes it can also be used as a weaver, or in larger sizes it can be used as rims around the tops of some baskets.
  • Round reeds can be used as weavers in some basket types, but are more generally used as ribs in most baskets, or intertwined to use as handles in some others.

Reeds actually come from the Rattan Palm. It is a vine which grows in the jungles of tropical Asia and Africa, and can grow at a rate of two to three feet per day. Reeds vary in circumference from less than an inch to several inches in diameter. They are fairly uniform in growth and often reach a length of 600 feet or more. After the vines have been cut, workers strip away the outer bark to reach the inner core; this part is then sent to the cities to be refined into the reeds you use for weaving. Meanwhile the outer bark is processed for Caning as used in seat weaving and in some specialized types of baskets. It is then judged and separated into different grades according to quality and shipped throughout the world for craft supplies. There is much less bark than core, which is why Cane costs appreciably more than Reed does.

We at Snapvent Plastics always order the finest quality materials for your weaving needs. Like any naturally grown products there are many variables that will affect the quality of the reed, including climate and time of the year. There will be some variation between each hank, and from one shipment to another, but we are always interested in your comments. We always strive to obtain the very highest quality materials we can, and offer the best pricing accordingly. Please feel free to contact us at any time. we sincerely appreciate your business and the opportunity to help you.

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