Extruded Clear

Extruded ClearACRYLITE® extruded acrylic is the highest quality continuously manufactured acrylic sheet on the market today. Using a proprietary, innovative process, ACRYLITE® extruded acrylic products are economical, provide tight thickness tolerance, high optical characteristics and low stress levels.

ACRYLITE® extruded acrylic is covered by a 30 year warranty.


Sawblade half
We stock from 1/8″ to 1.00″ in thickness.
For small orders we can custom cut while you wait. Minimums may apply to certain thickness’.

Available Sheet SizesExtruded Information
ACRYLITE® Extruded Clear

  • The material conforms to ASTM D4802*, is transparent, UV-absorbing ( partially UV-transmitting ), with two smooth, high gloss surfaces.
  • Special grades are made to order. The entire batch is delivered.

*American Society for Testing and Materials

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