Cast Clear

CastClearACRYLITE® cell-cast sheet is made to exacting standards. It offers the highest optical quality, and light stability and very low internal stress levels for performance that is consistent from sheet to sheet and order to order. It is very easy to work with, and easily thermoformed over a wide range of conditions. In addition, cast sheet also has a higher chemical resistance than extruded sheet, and superior mechanical properties.


Sawblade half
Cast Clear is a special order. Thickness and sheet sizes are shown below. Minimums may apply.

Available Sheet SizesCast Information
ACRYLITE® cast clear

  • The figures given for light transmission are typical values that apply to all thicknesses.
  • The material conforms to ISO 7823-1 and is UV-absorbing.
    Batch Yield
  • Special grades are made to order. The entire batch or a multiple thereof is delivered. Delivered quantity may be more or less than ordered.

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