AP-19 Prismatic



Prismatic Pattern 19

Prismatic Pattern 19 lens offers the light control of an injection molded lens at a fraction of the cost. The 3/16″ (4.7mm) square based male prisms suppress luminance at critical angles and delivers 92% of the light output to the 0-60 degree zone. Prismatic Pattern 19 is one of the best alternatives when brightness control is a consideration but parabolic louvers are not required.

The 3/16″ square-based male conical prisms that are placed in a uniform parallel pattern running in the same direction as the sides of the panel. The AP-19 offers excellent lamp obscuration and brightness control. This panel is fast becoming the quality standard for the industry to control high angle brightness.

  Sawblade half Standard Sheet sizes are listed below. We custom cut to your requested size and offer immediate cutting on small quantities. On large quantities we offer 1-3 day turn around time, depending on current stock & schedules.

Thickness Available:

  • .156 Clear Acrylic

Blank Stock Size:

  • 23.75 x 47.75

  All of our acrylic lens’ will maintain clarity for years as long as proper cleaning and maintenance methods are utilized. Never clean acrylic with standard glass cleaners, as the main ingredients are alcohol and/or ammonia. Both will severely impact acrylic and cause cracking and cloudy properties. At damp cloth or mild soapy water will be sufficient.



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