Lighting Panels

Lighting Panels range from flat sheets of different thickness and patterns, to louvers in varying cell size and colors of white, chrome, or gold. In addition there are wrap lens’ which generally are 3 dimensional and attach to your existing lighting fixtures. Globes are also available in different shapes and sizes to fit your fixtures.

Flat Panels:

Lighting lens’ come in many different styles and patterns. The main things to remember is that there is NO stock size that will fit your fixture. All fixtures are manufactured to fit in a 24″ x 48″ installation area, but the lens that fits into the fixture can be any size depending on the manufacturer of the fixture. Every year with style and fixture changes, so does the size of the lens that installs in it, from every manufacturer.

We must custom cut every lens to fit your fixture. This is normal. But, it also means that for your lens to properly fit your application you must do one of two things:

  • Take an accurate measurement of the size lens you need
  • Bring us the drop out holder for the lens if your fixture has one so we can measure it for you.

We keep a very large selection of lens’ that are available in both styles and quantity of flat lens’. Once you pick the one you want we can then custom cut the lens for your application.

Wrap Lens:

As you can imagine there are thousands of different wrap lens’ that have been designed throughout the years by many different manufacturers. There is no way to stock all the different types. But, we deal with many different  manufacturers of these types of lens in both current styles and out of date lens, and we can probably order one or have one custom made for you to fit your fixture. To do this, we will need you to bring us a working lens, or as much of one as you have so we can take precise measurements of your lens and order you a replacement that will fit and work properly for your application.

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