Mirror01ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror acrylic sheet is the highest quality acrylic mirror available. With a bright reflective finish and tough protective backing, our family of mirrorized products meets or exceeds the quality, durability, and performance of any acrylic mirror on the market today.

ACRYLITE® Reflections frosted mirror emits a soft, reflective platinum finish with a crystal-clear edge. Its matte frosted surface is resistant to fingerprints, making it practicaMirror02l as well as sophisticated.

ACRYLITE® Reflections iridescent creates sensational color changes and dramatic eye-catching movements, all without specialty lighting. This is a reformulated product.

ACRYLITE® Reflections smooth frosted mirror is perfect for high-end store fixtures. Its smooth frosted surface provides a subtle reflection that resists fingerprints for low maintenance cleaning.


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Standard stock is .118 & .220 in 49″ x 97″ Sheets. We sell full sheets only, but will custom cut your sizes for you.

Available Sheet SizesMirror ColorsFrosted MirrorIridescent Mirror

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