Wrap Lens


Replacement Wrap Lens:

Your original light fixture was designed by the manufacturer to exacting standards to produce specific light distribution and a set amount of lumens. If you have older light fixtures that now have dirty, cracked or broken lenses that the manufacturer no longer offers a replacement lens for, our replacements may be your best choice. Replacement lenses must be of the same quality as the original lens to meet the same specifications and produce the same lumens as the original.

There are hundreds of different types of lenses and shapes. To make sure your replacement meets your specifications we will require you to bring in your original lens so that we may make precise measurements to ensure your replacement fits appropriately. Your lens may need to be custom manufactured depending on the age of your fixture.

Some examples of different types of wrap lens are shown below:


 WrapLens09a  WrapLens10a  WrapLens11a
 WrapLens20a  WrapLens21a  WrapLens30a
 WrapLens31a  Square-lens


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