P1 Parabolic Louver

The Paracube 1 is the internationally recognized industry standard small cell injection molded plastic parabolic louver. The nominal 5/8” x 5/8” x 7/16” (16 x 16 x 10,2mm) cell size provides luminances that conform to important major standards. P1 is available in molded configurations that are readily adapted to the widest range of applications and dimensional modules.

P1graphic P1Lumens

For fixtures where there is not enough room between the edges of the retainer to fit the full thickness of the P1, you may order a P1 flanged louver. In this case the louver has a flange surrounding it which enables it to fit within the retainer with the full size louver in the center of the fixture. The lumens projected will remain virtually unchanged.

P1graphic P1Lumens


Sawblade half
Standard Sheet sizes are listed below.
We custom cut to your requested size and offer immediate cutting on small quantities. On large quantities we offer 1-3 day turn around time, depending on current stock & schedules.

P1 Blank Stock Size

  • Standard  /  ( OD )  23  11/16″ x 47  11/16″
  • Flanged  / ( OD )  22  13/16″ x 46  13/16″  ( ID )  20  15/16″ x 44  15/16″


  • Polystyrene


  • Chrome  /  Standard Stock
  • Gold       /  Special Order, case minimum

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