Solvents & Tools



Solvents/Cements can be water thin or bodied and are designed to create high strength, and with practice generally clear bonds to many thermoplastic substrates, particularly acrylic. The bond is created by first softening or melting the surface of the pieces to be joined, and then fusing them together as the solvent dissipates.

An initial bond forms in minutes, it is still quite fragile, but increases in strength with time. Approximately 50% strength is reached in 24 hours, but full strength might not be reached for 2-5 days depending onthe solvent utilized. All safety precautions should be undertaken, especially for those with breathing problems as fumes can pose a danger. We do not ship solvents as they require a Haz-mat certification for transport, but can be purchased at our retail location.

Downloads are available below:


Weld-On #3, Pt.
Weld-On #3, Gal.
Weld-On #4, Pt.
Weld-On #16, Pt.
Weld-On #16,
5 oz. Tube
Weld-On #1829,
4 oz.
Applicator Bottle
Applicator Bottle


Cleaners & Polishes:

Glass cleaners should never be used on plastics. The alcohol and ammonia mainly used in these cleaners cause a molecular breakdown in the materials that accumulate over time and destroy the item. Mild soap and water with a soft cloth are the best household materials available. Anti-static cleaners if required are available below.

Polishes are manufactured with a varying level of abrasive available in the paste. Remember what you are doing is cutting off material until the scratch is not there. A very deep scratch will leave a distortion in the material by the time it is removed as a large amount of the surrounding material was removed with it. Piece replacement is a more viable option. Note that Novus #3 has a very large amount of abrasive and your material will require a less abrasive polish to reach clarity again.

Downloads are available below:


20/20 Clnr.
8 oz. Bottle
20/20 Clnr.
1 Gallon
20/20 Polish 8 oz. Bottle
Novus #3
8 oz. Bottle


Polishing Cloths:

Many types of plastics are severely susceptible to scratching from cleaning. Never use a paper towel or other rough type of cloth. An old T-shirt will do, or any other clean, soft, cloth can be used for general cleaning. If required we offer a blue Micro-Fiber terry cloth that is machine washable, or a pack of 3 disposable lint free wipes.

Microfiber Terry
16 x 16
Lint Free



Drill Bits:

Drill bits manufactured specifically for plastics have a different angle and the cutting edge is ground differently to give better service in these materials. You can achieve a cleaner hole without material stress and cracks in the material. Sheets should still be clamped down and backed up with a flat surface. Do not attempt to drill holes over the edge of a table or drill free-standing.

The bits below are designed for use in a hand drill, but can suffice in a drill press. Bits specifically manufactured for a drill press are available on request.


1/8″ Drill Bit
3/16″ Drill Bit
1/4″ Drill Bit
5/16″ Drill Bit
3/8″ Drill Bit
7/16″ Drill Bit
1/2″ Drill Bit


Saw Blades:

Saw blades manufactured for plastics have a special rake and set to the teeth. Standard saw blades can cause excessive melting, cracking, and/or chipping of the material and should not be used. In addition even a “passable” cut can cause material stress that may not be apparent immediately, but will lend itself to edge “crazing” and cracking with time.


10″ 80t Carbide
Table Saw Blade
Saber Saw Blades

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